Why When We Take Long Showers Does Our Toilet Smell Like Sewage

Shower Drain ClogsnPieces of soap, shower gel, dead skin, hair, and other kinds of debris may cause clogging in your shower drains. If you notice a sewerage smell in your bathroom coupled with minor flooding when taking showers, you could be dealing with a clogged shower drain.Mar 8, 2021,

How do you fix a toilet that smells like sewer?

One way of fixing this is keeping those things out of your bathroom. Speaking of plumbing, a broken seal can also be causing issues. You could replace this broken seal along with investing in an air-tight sealable lid for your toilets to prevent sewer gas from coming up through drains.Jul 28, 2021

Why does my bathroom smell like sewage after I take a shower?

Leaky pipes in your bathroom walls or under the shower will allow sewer gases — also known as hydrogen sulfide — to escape, so you may notice the shower drain smells like rotten eggs or sewage.Feb 5, 2019

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