Why Is Bod Important In Sewage Treatment

BOD has traditionally been used to measure of the strength of effluent released from conventional sewage treatment plants to surface waters or streams. This is because sewage high in BOD can deplete oxygen in receiving waters, causing fish kills and ecosystem changes.,

What is BOD what is its significance on water quality?

Significance of BOD Measuring BOD gives the COD or Chemical Oxygen Demand of inorganic substances. It indicates the polluting potential of water. BOD is used in the medical and pharmaceutical industries to measure the oxygen consumption of cell cultures.

What is BOD for waste treatment?

BOD is a measure of the amount of oxygen required to remove waste organic matter from water in the process of decomposition by aerobic bacteria (those bacteria that live only in an environment containing oxygen).

Why is BOD measurement important?

Biochemical oxygen demand, or BOD, measures the amount of oxygen consumed by microorganisms in decomposing organic matter in stream water. BOD also measures the chemical oxidation of inorganic matter (i.e., the extraction of oxygen from water via chemical reaction).

What is the importance of BOD in wastewater treatment?

The BOD is an important parameter for assessing water quality. It deals with the amount of oxygen consumption (mg O2 L− 1) by aerobic biological organisms to oxidize organic compounds. Sewage with high BOD can cause a decrease in oxygen of receiving waters, which in turn can cause the death of some organism.

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