When Heavy Rain Sewage Smell

When it comes to a sewage smell in your home after rain, the most common culprits are cracked pipes and clogged drains. If you have trees in your yard, roots are a common cause of cracked or broken pipes. In addition, tree roots can also crack your septic tank.Dec 14, 2020,

How do you get sewer smell out of your house?

If you wander into the garden – or near a drain cover outside of your home – and notice a sewage smell, then the problem will likely require a bit more attention. ... The pipe could also be damaged or collapsed, leading to blockages and backups which create strong sewage smells around your home.

Why does it smell like sewage outside?

Sewer gases can make you sick because they contain hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and methane. Sometimes, gases might get pulled down into the yard, hence a foul sewage smell outside your house. You can avoid this by making sure your P-trap isn't empty, your home has adequate ventilation, and your shower drains are clean.Apr 21, 2021

Why does my septic smell after rain?

The bad odour you're smelling is hydrogen sulphide. Hydrogen sulphide, along with methane and carbon dioxide, is a by-product of the waste digestion process that's taking place in your septic system and is perfectly normal.

Why does my drain smell when it rains?

A sewer smell in the house after rain and sewer air from drains in general comes from the anaerobic decomposition of organic substances. ... The dirty odours are partially stopped by a water trap in the siphon within the drains. However, when it rains heavily, the air pressure in the sewer changes quite a bit.

Can heavy rain cause sewer smell in house?

Raining often causes atmospheric pressure changes, which can lead to the air becoming heavy. As such, the methane gases typically found in the septic tank don't flow through the vent as they normally would. Instead, they stay low to the ground, causing a foul smell similar to rotten eggs.Jan 20, 2020

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