The Man Who Added Chlorine To Sewage Treatment

Water Industry Hall of Fame, American Water Works Association, 1974. John Laing Leal (May 5, 1858 – March 13, 1914) was a physician and water treatment expert who, in 1908, was responsible for conceiving and implementing the first disinfection of a U.S. drinking water supply using chlorine.,

Is chlorine used for sewage treatment?

DENVER, March 22, 2015 — Chlorine, a disinfectant commonly used in most wastewater treatment plants, may be failing to completely eliminate pharmaceuticals from wastes. ... “Treated wastewater is one of the major sources of pharmaceuticals and antibiotics in the environment,” says Keen.Mar 22, 2015

Why is chlorine added during sewage treatment?

Nearly every wastewater treatment facility uses chlorination to disinfect wastewater before the water is sent back out into the environment. The primary goal of chlorination is to disinfect the wastewater and remove any harmful pathogens that are present in the water.Jul 26, 2021

When was chlorine first used in water treatment?

Chlorine was first used in the United States as a major disinfectant in 1908 in Jersey City, New Jersey. Chlorine use became more and more common in the following decades, and by 1995 about 64% of all community water systems in the United States used chlorine to disinfect their water.

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