Sewage Smell In Apartment Who To Call

If your apartment smells like sewage, find out the odor's root cause. If it is a drain or leaking pipe or a bad septic tank, get them repaired or replaced by a plumber. Also, look for sewage penetration within your apartment. If sewage water has seeped into your furnishings, dispose of them.,

Can sewer smell make you sick?

If the smell persists, try pouring a quart of water into every drain in your home, including the sink and the toilet. If the odor remains after running water through all drains, you are probably dealing with an old or leaky P-trap. For the best results, contact a professional plumber to examine and replace your P-trap.May 28, 2019

What do you do if you smell sewage?

Hydrogen sulfide is the primary gas in sewer gas. According to research , hydrogen sulfide has shown to be toxic to the oxygen systems of the body. In high amounts it can cause adverse symptoms, organ damage, or even death.Sep 20, 2019

How do you get rid of sewer smell in an apartment?

Is Sewer Gas Dangerous? Call a plumber right away to come inspect your home if you cannot immediately locate the problem. Then thoroughly air out your home of the odor and get outside for fresh air. Your body will also quickly and naturally excrete lower levels of the hydrogen sulfide through bodily fluids.Jan 13, 2022

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