How To Get To Sewage Treatment Facility Quesh

There's a Trinithan (think I spelled that right) stalking around the bottom of the hill you can climb. Take that around to the white rocks and there's a 'hallway' that leads right to the sewer entrance.Mar 4, 2014,

Where do you get Macrobinoculars in swtor?

Macrobinoculars are provided by Evie Bo during a mission on Dromund Kaas or by Deena Riss during a mission on Coruscant.

How to get to Sewage Treatment Facility swtor?

Entrance that leads to Sewage Treatment Facility can be found near the Transmitter No. 3. Small passage between two large white rock blocks (X: 630 ; Y: 613) leads to the entrance. Since the gas from a Valve Cap does not allow you to pass by, in order to redirect that pressure, open another Pressure Valve Cap.Aug 21, 2017

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