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Learn about sewer backflow prevention devices

The backflow prevention device or BPD is a device that allows water and materials that back up to escape from the cleanout rather than flowing into the home. Many backup prevention device can be installed by the homeowner or a plumber. If not already installed, these items will be required if you remodel or add a bathroom to your home.

A sewer BPD is often a mushroom shaped metal device in the yard near the house or a spring-loaded or weighted cover on a sewer line cleanout near the house and installed on your lateral connection to the sewer main.

Be Sewer Smart!

If you'd like to find a backflow prevention device to install yourself, you'll need to find a plumbing distributor in your area as these devices are seldom stocked by building supply and hardware stores. To find a nearby distributor, check the Plumbing Fixtures, Parts and Supplies category in your Yellow Pages or contact one of the following distributors in your area:

Oakland Rubenstein Supply Company 510-444-6614
San Francisco Sigillo Supply 415-822-1780
San Jose T.W. Smith Company 408-249-9880
Walnut Creek General Plumbing Supply 925-939-4622

Lateral Backflow Devices

Depending on your system, or local codes, you may require a backflow device that fits in your lateral instead of on top of your cleanout. These devices are typically a "check valve" that acts as a gate preventing backflows into your home. Click here for more information about lateral backflow devices.

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Types of Backflow Prevention Devices:

Backup Prevention Device - Family
1. Spring-loaded "pop-up" type BPD
Backup Prevention Device - Spring Load
2. Gravity "pop-up" type BPD
Backup Prevention Device - Gravity
3. Mushroom type BPD
Backup Prevention Device - Mushroom
4. Self-locking "pop-up" type BPD
Backup Prevention Device - Self Lock